born in santiago de chile. live and work from madrid

«Photography is to place head heart and eye along the same line of sight».

“Fotografiar es colocar la cabeza, el ojo y el corazón en un mismo eje.”


Since his very  early age, he was captivated by photography, as he saw his mother play the rol of  family photo journalist with her old Voigtlander.  From his father, painter as profession and life, he learned the stroke and the world of coulors. It was written that he should study arquitecture as a respectable, artistic dicipline and a effective instrument to achieve employment and social prestige.His aunt always spited to him: “ To draw and paint the Sundays; To make photos, tours; The rest of the week, family and work. It was at the  School of Arquitecture at Universidad Católica of Valparaiso where he went deep into the universe of Graphic Design, according  to his own words “ I was illusioned to make records jackets. I was bewiched by the sleeves made by Roger Dean for the Yes Group and I imitated them writting also some texts that intented to be poetic.”After graduated, he discovered a strong passion for communication and for professional photography when he met  Juan Domingo Marinello, who invited him to take advertising Photography courses at the Chilean Advertising Association and to do photo journalist courses at the School  of Journalism of Universidad Católica of Chile, where he was related with several students of that time which had a great influence in his communicator vocation. Since 1986 he has been  living between Santiago de Chile and Madrid, dedicated essentially in creative advertising and also   marketing consultant and consumer research. He has worked in the publishing market   doing  travel and food photography for books and magazines also  as creative and  art director. He also studied Marketing al the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales Universidad Autónoma of Madrid and sociology of consumption and communication in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. He also collaborate with organizations and public institutions in Chile, Spain, Sweden.

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